Formed in 2006 Pombagira has over the course of 8 years honed and reified their sound. An intrinsic quality to the band, and what could be regarded as the backbone to their manifestation is the explorative range of colour and depth they bring to their music. This has over the course of time changed and evolved and yet this fundamental aesthetic for tonal quality has been retained. From the initial rawness of The Crooked Path double CD released in 2008 to the more adventurous homage to Sleep’s Jerusalem with Black Axis Abraxas in 2009, Pombagira constantly worked at honing their sound. Across the course of time a more psychedelic element was introduced, and it is this that the band tends to concentrate their efforts on now. Baron Citadel released in 2010 certainly indicated their first foray into this time depth acid hazed adventure, but it wasn’t to be fully realised until their opus Iconoclast Dream was released in 2011.This one song journey saw the band boldly laying a claim to being a contemporary progressive psych band with heavy tendencies. Maleficia Lamiah released in 2012, a double LP, further exhibited a further explorative extension to their previous works with the band now turning into a mammoth psychedelic sound machine.

Indelibly linked to an Afro-Brazilian, Haitian, and Cuban spiritual sentiment, alongside a fascination with traditional witchcraft, the band has forged a unique platform for live performances. Yet their initial and rather busy live schedule has in more recent times been scaled back.  They remain eager to perform live, but the conditions under which these performances take place have to be right for them. In part the quantity of equipment they use has been responsible for this gradual down turn in live performances. This has particularly been the case in the UK, whereas on the continent the tendency has been to encourage a large live rig rather than worrying about noise complaints. That said, the band do compromise, with the equipment being used suiting the room and capability of the p.a.

In 2015 Pombagira will be releasing their best and most complete recording. Flesh Throne Press is an 80 min + opus for dead spirits and will be released through Svart Records